After selecting concept on the site, you can scroll down to find out about pricing, events, locations, transportation and much more. Links with more details are imbedded into these pages as well.

Our trips consist mostly of young professionals and students with an average age of 21, you must be between the ages of 20 & 30 to attend.

First your group leader will create a group and select the appropriate accommodations and any other group trip add-ons.

Next the group leader will enter members’ emails and name to invite them to the group.

Group members will receive an email inviting them to the group. There will be a link in the email that will take them to the website. Where they can complete their personal profile, and choose any individual add-ons.

The group is confirmed once everyone puts their deposit down (20% of total cost).

Each member can choose their own transportation and pick up location.

Trip costs are broken up into two portions: the Destination, and the Transportation. The Destination Cost will depend on the chalet you chose, and the number of people occupying it. Please check out our available chalets for prices. The transportation cost this year is set at $100 for any pick up location.

All trips are booked as a group, not individually. Advertised prices are based on maximum room occupancy. If your group is less than your selected room’s maximum a missing person fee will be incurred. fees are based upon the type of room, and the price per-person.

Yes. As long as you are going on the same trip dates. Please confirm dates before booking. That could be awkward.

Login to your account and click your DASHBOARD and then select GROUPS.

The chalets and accommodations vary by destination, but for Jay Peak, VT your chalet will include queen or king size beds, a living room, a fully stocked kitchen (pots and pans, cutlery, dishes, stove, microwave, toaster, fridge, etc) and often a deck.

All trips are booked as a group, not individually. Only Group Leaders have this ability and it depends on availability. This change can only be made prior to the payment deadline without penalty. First, ensure that your group size is equal to or less than the stated group maximum of the new room type. If you are down sizing delete unpaid members from the group first. This change may result in an additional cost. Changes are based on availability and are not guaranteed.

All trips are booked as a group, not individually. Only the group leader has the ability to add or remove someone. If you are the group leader, log into your account and go to your group page. Scroll down to see options to add, edit, and remove group members. You can also resend emails. Any changes must be made 30 days or more prior to departure or else a $25.00 administrative fee will apply to each individual change of group members.

If your chalet is below the max capacity please notify us and we will make the necessary adjustments to the cost. Our pricing is based upon full occupancy, but if you prefer to have a smaller group you may pay an additional fee of $150 per bedspace instead of the full extra trip cost per person. This fee can be made in one payment or split between members of the chalet.

IF PAID, please email info@theotherhours.com to request a change. If it is within 30 days of departure a $25.00 administrative fee will apply to make this change.

IF UNPAID, Have your current Group Leader delete you from their group and the new Group Leader invite you to their group using the email address associated with your account. If you are requesting this change within 30 days of the trip your group leader will not be able to do it for you. Please e-mail info@theotherhours.com and a $25.00 administrative fee will apply.

If you are the group leader we will meet you at the Stateside Hotel and Lodge at Jay Peak and you will be able to pick up your chalet's package. Lift passes, room keys and wristbands can then be distributed to your group.

There is no discount for one-way transportation.

Any payments made after your stated payment deadline will be charged a late payment fee. We have to provide accurate and timely information to the destination and travel companies, as well as the international border if applicable and any changes to our lists past this date result in a lot of extra work on everyone's part. The late payment fee is the same as the administrative fee for changes past the deadline: $25.00. We maintain the right to cancel reservations made by any group or group member that are not paid for in full by the Payment Deadline. The remaining group members are responsible for any resulting missing person fees. Refunds are not possible past the payment deadline.

Please review our cancellation policy found in the Terms and Conditions.

Once your Group Leader has booked your room, your registration and payment must be completed within 2 Days of receiving the invitation email.

Different trips have different arrival procedures. However, on all trips the Group Leaders will be responsible for picking up the group packages. If arriving by bus only the Group Leaders will get off the bus to retrieve their group packages. If the bus is unloading in a different location from check in, Group Leaders will get back on the bus to unload with the rest of their group.

The bus will be waiting in the same spot that it was unloaded, this is not necessary the check in location. You are responsible for remembering where you got off the bus. Once the bus is full it will depart.